I cannot recommend these guys enough

Having used Elite in the past for my previous Mercs and being very happy with their service (including their very pleasant and professional manner), when my ML failed it’s MoT recently I went to see them straight away for a quote. The price was very good and I had the options of parts – ie Merc and Non-Merc – to help suit the budget.

When collecting the vehicle, not only had they fixed all the MoT failures and explained each one to me, they paid attention to the advisories too to help prolong the life of other parts – this wasn’t part of the scope of the work, but I was so happy that they had done this themselves and taken the bit of extra time to help me out. I honestly can’t remember the last garage which did something like that for one of my vehicles.

I cannot recommend these guys enough, and can only urge all Merc and Smart owners who may read this to use Elite.

If you have a Merc and need something doing, give them a go!

Thanks so much!

Matt Morgan